In order to secure the competitiveness of the 6th generation mobile communication (6G), it has been argued that deep discussions and research on linkage in the field of machine learning should be actively conducted.

Jeffrey Andrews Austin, a professor at the University of Texas, participated in the 6G forum online on the 13th

He made the keynote speech on the theme of Deep Learning in 6G Wireless Interface.

The 6G Forum is a place where Samsung Electronics gathered world experts and industry and academia to discuss and share 6G technology.

Professor Austin is the head of the 6G field at 6G@UT, the first 6G research center in North America.

Professor Austin is conducting research on telecom equipment operators such as Samsung Electronics, Ericsson, Nokia, Honda, and satellite companies.

He said he will focus on developing 6G technology, focusing on machine learning and network research.

"Machine learning and networking are key in 6G," he said.

"Machine learning theory has developed organically with many parts closely related to signal processing and optimization tools used in the wireless field